Converting FORTRAN to C

Sean Casey sean at ukma.UUCP
Thu Dec 27 09:24:43 AEST 1984

Rapidtech (TM) Systems Inc. has a product out called FORTRIX-C (TM)
that translates fortran to C at a claimed speed of 600 lpm. They don't
specify which machines it is available for, but the advertisement reads:

"Fortrix-C is supplied complete, and runs as is. Special programs
needed to account for yur particular UNIX environment will be included
in your package, even if they're not available in the standard C

The advertisement is in this month's Unix/World magazine (vol 1, no 7)
on page 95. Phone number for info is (212) 687-6255


Rapidtech Systems, Inc.
565 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017

Sean Casey
University of Kentucky
Dept. of Mathematical Sciences

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