VMS C questions

Eric Gisin egisin at watarts.UUCP
Fri Dec 7 06:47:09 AEST 1984

I have three things I want to do in VMS C that are not part of the
documented C library. Can anyone offer solutions?
1. creat() a file with no record attribute (rat=none doesn't work).
2. given a file descriptor, return the device channel.
3. given a file descriptor, access the associated RMS data structures.
   (getname() does part of what I want, and could be use to get the
    rest, but it looks difficult).
Also, is it more efficient to use undefined record format
(rather than the default stream-lf) with read/write?

Please reply by mail,
			watmath!egisin, egisin%watmath at Waterloo.CSNET

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