$ in identifiers -- poll

Robert Viduya robert at gitpyr.UUCP
Fri Dec 14 18:32:02 AEST 1984


Perhaps what C really needs is a way to define a seperate external name for
an identifier when declaring that identifier.  For example, the following:

    extern sys_read "SYS$READ" ();

would tell the compiler/linker to call the entrypoint  "SYS$READ"  whenever
"sys_read"  was called in the source.  "sys_read" would be the source level
name of the procedure and "SYS$READ" would be the object level name of  the
procedure.   This should also be able to be applied to int's and other data
structures.  The definition  of  the  object  level  name  should  also  be

Of course, the syntax is a only a suggestion.


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