ANSI C Comments

Orlando Sotomayor-Diaz osd at hou2d.UUCP
Sun Dec 16 02:47:49 AEST 1984

If you received a copy of the 11/12/84 draft from me (sorry, I
don't have any more), please mail your comments to me, since
I'm the moderator of mod.std.c (where the offer was made).
Believe me, I do a little more than posting to mod.std.c so
that your comments are read by the right people.
Otherwise, you just making me feel that I wasted my time.

I shipped copies to so many sites that I believe mod.std.c goes
to almost anywhere in USENET and ARPA.  If you don't get it,
contact your site's news administrator.

mod.std.c  ---> mail to  cbosgd!std-c  or ...ihnp4!homxa!osd7
	   from ARPA to cbosgd!std-c at BERKELEY.ARPA
Orlando Sotomayor-Diaz	/AT&T Bell Laboratories, Crawfords Corner Road
			/Holmdel, New Jersey, 07733 (WB 3D 109)
Tel: 201-870-7249	/UUCP: {{{ucbvax,decvax}!}{ihnp4,harpo}!}hou2d!osd

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