\"Stamp out BASIC\" committee

Arnold Robbins arnold at gatech.UUCP
Sat Dec 15 03:23:16 AEST 1984

> >>	'How do I apply for membership in the "Stamp Out BASIC
> >>	Committee"?'
> >>>	Yeah!  Stamp out BASIC!  Here at Tektronix we stamp out lots of BASICs
> >>>	every day, some in ROMs and some on disks.  We sell them to
> >>>	applications programmers and make piles of money.
> 	This is the key to the problem with "Stamping" out BASIC, FORTRAN,
> or whatever. As long as there are applications programmers there will be
> such "languages??". I suggest the formation of a "STAMP OUT APPLICATIONS
> PROGRAMMERS" committee,

We all know what the real problem is, don't we?  Applications programmers
are just a symptom of the disease.  The real problem is the USER!!  If it
weren't for USERS there wouldn't be APPLICATIONS PROGRAMMERS, and then there
wouldn't be BASIC and FORTRAN.  I suggest we form a "STAMP OUT USERS"
committee, and then all of us *Real Programmers* can get back to our
hacking in peace!

(All of this is tongue in cheek, of course.  "Doesn't EVERYONE know that
you have to hit the return key to get the computer to do something?!")
Arnold Robbins
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