C++ inquiry

Ted Goldstein ted at scc.UUCP
Tue Dec 11 08:42:47 AEST 1984

> Can anybody out there send me or refer me to some info on C++ ?
> I've heard a rumor that is was released recently.
> I have one paper from August 1981 by Bjarne Stroustrup that I think
> may be some early version, but haven't found much more.
> Please respond by mail
> Thanks, in advance.
> Mike Rosenlof                  ...hplabs!sdcrdcf!\
>                                                   -bmcg!asgb!mike
>                               ...allegra!sdcsvax!/
> Burroughs Advanced Systems Group              Boulder, Colorado

If you don't mind, send any refs you get to me too.
I know of one reference, but it didn't say much.
It was a printed chat with Brian Kerninghan. He intimated
that C++ may never be a product.  Another, similar conecpt to C++
is Objective-C, made by a company called Productivity
Products Inc. in Connecticut. They incorporate Smalltalk
like hierarchical message bindings into C.

By the way, Smalltalk is now available on a Tektronix box.
The Tek 4404 complete system (hardware, bit mapped screen, Smalltalk-80,
and a UNIX look-a-like O.S.) is $16,000.

			yours truly,
				Ted Goldstein.

P.S. Anyone else out there in Netland have any impressions of the 4404?

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