Float in C, not in 68000

John Gilmore gnu at sun.uucp
Tue Dec 11 16:24:38 AEST 1984

> >One additional point:  not all machines have hardware support for BCD
> >arithmetic.  As it stands, the C language can be implemented *efficiently*
> >on a reasonably large number of machines.
> The 68000 doesn't have floating point...
> --  	Geoff Kuenning

The 68000 doesn't have main memory either.  That's no reason to avoid
putting memory in the language.  There exist many 68000-based systems
with hardware floating point.  Indeed, on the Sun we generate
subroutine calls for some long int multiplies, but do all float/double
multiplies inline if you specify hardware float.

A processor chip is not a system!

Now can we kill this BCD disgussion?  Pleeeez?

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