[sundar: Removal from mailing list.]

SundarNarasimhan#Z# at OZ SundarNarasimhan#Z# at OZ
Fri Dec 21 07:51:36 AEST 1984

Date: Thursday, 20 December 1984  11:52-EST
From: sundar at mit-oz
To:   info-c at BRL-TGR.ARPA
Re:   Removal from mailing list.

Please remove me from this mailing list. I now have access to
net.lang.c (usenet) direct. 

And to the rest:
Please refrain from flooding the net with flames about why such a
message made it to info-c.  Info-c-request seems unmonitored for

		(sundar%mit-oz at mit-mc.arpa)
		(sundar at mit-mc.arpa)

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