C compiler Validation Suite

Bob Kyryliuk bobk at hcradm.UUCP
Sat Dec 8 06:54:58 AEST 1984

HCR sells a product called 'The C Test Suite'.

The C Test Suite was developed by HCR over a period of several
years for the purpose of testing and improving the quality of
HCR C compilers. The C Test Suite provides extensive testing
of the correctness of compiler code generation. It is intended to 
exercise many details which would otherwise be very difficult to test.

In keeping with the policy of no advertising on the net, I will
refrain from giving further details here. However, for further
information, you can contact me at the following address/phone number/
net address:

Bob A. Kyryliuk
C Test Suite Product Manager
Human Computing Resources Corporation
10 St. Mary Street
Toronto, Ontario, M1L 1L1



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