"#if sizeof(char *) < sizeof(int)"

H.MORRIS hom at hocda.UUCP
Wed Feb 8 01:51:28 AEST 1984

In writing code for an interpreter and similar projects, I have
often gnashed my teeth over the fact that you can't make a statement
#if sizeof(char *) > sizeof(int)
#if sizeof(int) == sizeof(long)
It would go a long way towards making it possible to write certain
difficult code to be portable over a reasonable class of machines
(Lets say we forget about DEC-10s and Harris/6's, etc.).  Since we
can't do such things we certain programs (like loaders) riddled
with references to particular machines where it really isn't necessary.
	I realize, I think that the problem is maintaining pcc with
(virtually?) no machine dependencies (so the same pcc is used for
a cross-compiler as for the host machine - at least I've see that happen).
Now there's talk of pcc being less "dumb"; i.e. "knowing" more about
C and/or the particular target machine.  If done right, looks like
that could be a very positive step.  One should also have an unbundled
pcc CAPABILITY somewhere.  I'm not sure but what m4 has too many
bells and whistles added.

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