Choosing a C compiler

Stephen Perelgut perelgut at utcsrgv.UUCP
Thu Feb 9 13:45:53 AEST 1984

I am looking for advice on C compilers for pc's. (IBM-PC, TI-PRO, etc.)

I am looking for a C compiler to run under {PC,MS}-DOS 2.0.  I would prefer if
the compiler:
	- implements the very large model with >64K code and >64K data space
	  possible.  It would be even better if these were selectable
	- produces either assembly code or object files on demand
	- comes with an assembler and a linker
The compiler must:
	- have a complete set of support routines.  (Preferably in source and
	  compiler formats)
	- be well documented and stable

We are in a hurry to get hold of the compiler.  Information on the company 
selling the compiler and the cost would be appreciated.  Public domain software
might be nice too.

P.S.  I would like comparitive reviews of CI-C86, Digital Research C, and 
Mark Williams C.  I have already read the PC-Tech Journal reviews.
	Thanks in advance,
	    Stephen Perelgut
Stephen Perelgut   
	    Computer Systems Research Group    University of Toronto
	    Usenet:	{linus, ihnp4, allegra, decvax, floyd}!utcsrgv!perelgut
	    CSNET:	perelgut at Toronto

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