Update on C compiler query for IBM S-370 under OS/MVS

bet at ecsvax.UUCP bet at ecsvax.UUCP
Wed Feb 29 04:04:49 AEST 1984

I have only found two compilers for OS/MVS, Whitesmith's and an AT&T product.
We still haven't gotten details, and I will post again when we do, but at the
moment the AT&T compiler looks like the hands-down winner.  It costs (so we
have been told, for educational institutions) approximately $400,  and they
claim it supports standard I/O.  Whitesmiths costs $5000, and doesn't appear
to be even a little compatible with other C implementations.  If anyone can
provide more information to either confirm or deny this, *please* respond.
The only tangible reference I have is a terse article in PC magazine, and
a short example program in the Whitesmith literature. Of particular interest
would be comments from anyone who *has* a Whitesmith compiler (for any
machine--the first two passes are shared among all implementations, so the
language should be identical, and the libraries provide the same interface).
Mail responses to:
				Bennett Todd
				Duke University Computation Center
				Durham, NC 27706
				(919) 683-3183
and I will summarize to the net.

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