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Wed Feb 22 12:18:23 AEST 1984

                       < AUTOMATED STANDARDS >

     I am in the process  of   designing  an  automated  standardizing
system.  Its   function,  given a standard, is to force a non-standard
system into the form of the given  standard.  The  types  of  entities
suitable for standardizing include:

1.  Lexical Entities
     The  relative  positioning  of  any  lexicographic  primitive  to
2.  Data Base Coupling
     The relative  strength or weakness of data transmission  channels
     (parameters, functional returns, condition flags, etc.)
3.  Commenting
     Rules  for  commenting as the apply to to structure of  the  code
     and train of thought.
4.  Semantic Entities
     Code  should  reflect meaning.  For example,  code  pertinent  to
     the   initialization of 'while' loops should be placed 'near' the
     'while' loop beginning.

          I am looking  for  ADDITIONAL   CATEGORIES   and   category-
specific  SUGGESTIONS.   For  contributors,  I will make available the
finished product; for the net,  I  will  post   summaries  subject  to
debate and refinement.

                           Stephen Amerige
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                          Provo, Utah  84604
              (or any other path that is good for you).

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