The Great C compiler survey for 68000 and 80*8[68] micros

Peter Wolfe wolfe at mprvaxa.UUCP
Fri Feb 10 10:54:03 AEST 1984

Yes this is another request for information on C UNIX/VAX-hosted development 
tools for the following micros : Motorola 68000, Intel 8086/8088.  I know many
requests of a similar nature have been made to the net so I thought since
I want some information that I could kill three birds with 6 stones.

I will summarize all the information that I receive to the net.  Please
tell me what you think is the appropriate news group.  I have placed this
message in the groups that I thought would likely have knowledge on this
subject.  Please reply via electronic mail rather than to the net.


    Commercial (ie. available for purchase ) C language development tools.
    I am interested in the following : C Compilers, assemblers, loaders,
    and linkers.  These tools must all run on a version of UNIX.  Note that
    I am only interested in "mainframe" based systems (eg VAX, PDP-11 etc.)
    Perhaps another useful survey would be for resident tools (ie. 68000
    based compilers ec. )

    Please include the following :

    - vendors name and address (telephone # if available)
    - products they are offering (eg. Compiler only etc. )
    - kind of compiler ( eg. PCC based, produces object code directly etc.)
    - kind of memory support does it offer (eg. small/medium/large memory
	models for 8086/88)
    - UNIX version it runs on ( eg. 4.2BSD, version 7 etc.)
    - C language compatibility (eg. full version 7, includes latest 
			extensions as in "recent changes to C" etc.)
    - does it support the standard UNIX C library
    - does it support FLEXNAMES (ie. variables unique to more than 7 characters)
    - does it support unique structure member names (eg. can I use f.low
	and k.low in two different structures.)
    - flexibility of the linker/locator (eg. can you put a specific code segment
	at a specific address)
    - your general comments on it.
	- run fast/slow
	- code quality/efficiency
	- any problems you have with it
	- would you buy it again
	- etc.

Please reply to the items in the order they are listed above to make it
easier to decode the answers.

I am gratefully yours:

	Peter Wolfe
	Microtel Pacific Research
	8999 Nelson Way
	Burnaby, B.C.
	Canada V5A 4B5  (604-294-1471)

    Peter Wolfe
    Microtel Pacific Research

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