Precedence Question (again)

ShanklandJA jas at druxy.UUCP
Wed Feb 29 13:41:36 AEST 1984

Regarding which compilers accept:

a = b ? c = d : e

the USG 3.0 PDP11 compiler does not, the USG 5.0 VAX and WECo 3B20S
compilers do.  This is yet another area in which the C manual is just
a trifle vague.  My feeling is that it is more correct to accept it
than not to.  I am prepared to back this up with reasonable arguments
if anyone's interested, but not with a "proof" (because ultimately it's
a matter of opinion).  Yet another issue for the ANSI committee to deal
with.  (Anyone on that committee listening?)

Jim Shankland

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