filename: no permission

idallen at watmath.UUCP idallen at watmath.UUCP
Fri Feb 17 02:17:21 AEST 1984

Hmm.  I think even the shell should print its name in the messages that
it gives.  Though it is a "meta command", the text "filename: no
permission" looks just like the same text printed by so many other programs.

People won't always be running in the foreground programs that produce
error messages.  The problem is worse when logged in to several
machines, or with commands that deal with files on several machines.

Ideally, if the program that generates the error message is the only one
running, no program name or machine name is needed.  If more than one
program is running, the programs should print their names.  If logged
in to more than one machine, programs should identify their machine too.

Now, how on earth can a program know the right thing to do?
        -IAN!  (Ian! D. Allen)      University of Waterloo

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