'exit(1);' considered useless (slight flame)

Guy Harris guy at rlgvax.UUCP
Mon Feb 6 11:10:39 AEST 1984

Unfortunately, <sysexits.h> only comes with Berkeley systems, although anybody
can offer it with their UNIX (AT&T picked up "ex"/"vi", under much pressure;
maybe they could pick this up too?).  It is the correct solution to the
problem.  Note that in VMS low-level error returns (at the same level as
"errno" codes in UNIX) are translated to higher-level error indications as
they pass up the call tree; using the <sysexits.h> codes is the equivalent.
(Just as long as UNIX programs don't print the full interpretation of the
error codes at each level as some VMS programs do!)

	Guy Harris

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