Production Object languages

ted at scc.UUCP ted at scc.UUCP
Sat Feb 25 20:52:40 AEST 1984

Enough flames about who teaches what and the value whereof. I'd
like to know what have people accomplished with object oriented
languages. How many real "nuts and bolts" pieces of software
that people are using to get production work done is being built
with object oriented languages. 

Objective language folks are making claims like FORTH fanatics.
But so far, all I've read about such languages is that they
run on super single personal mini computers, or they run a good sized VAX
into the ground.

Those of you fortunates to  have a personal mainframe, what REAL
problems are you tackling, and how successful have you been at meeting 
your goals?

Also, anyone out there using Objective-C or C++? 

Ted Goldstein,
Santa Cruz, California
(408) 458 - 9441

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