'exit(1);' considered useless (a branch off this topic)

Guy Harris guy at rlgvax.UUCP
Tue Feb 7 16:11:38 AEST 1984

Mark's mentioning that naive users sometimes try to edit a file by typing its
name is interesting, considering that that sort of "syntax" is exactly what
"desktop shells" like the Xerox Star's and the Apple MacIntosh and Lisa's
"top-level shell" provide; to edit a file, just point to it, select it, and
open it.  (After someone ranked on the MacIntosh in net.micro, I went
downstairs and played with our Lisa a bit.  It turns out that after you've
gotten the hang of it after quite a short while, it's easy *and fast* to
perform certain manipulations - selecting and opening, closing, deleting,
etc. - and you are a lot less likely to make "typographical errors" since
you aren't typing anything, which also helps speed things up.)

	Guy Harris

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