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Wed Feb 29 09:11:32 AEST 1984

	typedef struct
		newtyp *member;
	}       newtyp;

	I finally had to do something along these lines
	typedef struct stupid
		struct stupid  *member;
	}       newtyp;

					Jeremy Sanders

Unfortunately, just knowing that something is a pointer isn't good enough
for C.  It insists on knowing 'pointer to what'. (Pascal does allows for
the case that knowing that something is a pointer is enough. Something for
the new standard?).  I'm sure I'll be flamed for this, but, what I do in a
case like this is:

	#define	NEWTYP	struct newtyp
	typedef NEWTYP
		NEWTYP *member;
	}       newtyp;

It does exactly what you 'resorted' to, but is a bit easier (for me) to read.
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