C Cross Referencing Program

Arnold Robbins arnold at gatech.UUCP
Fri Feb 24 03:49:19 AEST 1984

I have posted to net.sources a suite of programs in shell archive format
which wil produce a cross reference listing of all the identifiers and
constants (``literals'') in the files of a C program.

Yes, I know that Unix 5.0 already has such a program, but a LOT of the sites
are running Berkeley Unix (like us, that's why I wrote it in the first place,
I needed one and 4.1BSD didn't have one).

It should run on basically any brand of UN*X, as long as you have LEX and
SORT.  USG Unix users will have to change one file to use strrchr() instead
of rindex(), but that is it.  It should run on small machines with limited
address spaces (i.e. pdp-11's) as well as Vaxen, 68K's, etc.

I hope that it comes in handy to you folks out there in net.land.

Arnold Robbins
CSNET: arnold at gatech		ARPA: arnold.gatech at CSNet-relay
UUCP:	...!{akgua,allegra,rlgvax,sb1,ut-sally}!gatech!arnold

Did'ja ever have one of those re-incarnations?

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