C Language Cross Referencing (survey)

Arnold D. Robbins arnold at gatech.UUCP
Fri Jan 27 06:27:24 AEST 1984

	I have written a program (actually 2 C programs and a shell file) which
will cross reference identifiers in C source files.  The program does not
include ``#include'' files, but they can be handled simply by adding them
to the command line.
	My question is this:  I want to add the facility to handle constants
to the cross referencer.  I  would like to ask ``the net'' its opinion on
what kind of constants should be listed, should they be turn-offable;
if yes, separately, or together?  Suggestions for command syntax are welcome,
as well as suggestions for default behavior.
	As soon as I have finished and tested the cross referencer, and
commented/cleaned it up some, I will post it to net.sources.  It should work on
essentially any UN*X system, from Z80 up to VAX, as long as the unix sort
program is available.  The only changes necessary would be from rindex() to
strrchr() for UNIX 3-5 and later systems (vs. berkeley, V7, etc.), and that
would be in only one place.
	The cross referencer is pretty quick, using LEX to find identifiers,
sort to sort them, and then a small formatting program to fix up the output.
Arnold Robbins
CSNET: arnold at gatech		ARPA: arnold.gatech at CSNet-relay
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