C-Users' Group

dmimi at ecsvax.UUCP dmimi at ecsvax.UUCP
Wed Jan 11 23:28:34 AEST 1984

There is a c-Language Users' Group with a fairly extensive library of
public domain programs, seeming to differ from those of cmug and sigm,
that seems little known to netters.

The address is:

    C Users' Group
    Box 287 - 112 N Main
    Yates Center, KS 66783

I have gotten reasonably prompt replies from them.  They supply disks
at $8.00 ($4.00 for the second or more of mutiple disk sets) and print
a newsletter.  Various formats are provided.

Mimi Clifford
2535 Sevier St
Durham, NC 27705
919-489-4821  919-684-2854

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