bug in type conversion

dmr at research.UUCP dmr at research.UUCP
Wed Jan 4 15:32:17 AEST 1984

Mike O'Brien points out that in the C compilers he has available, the
	i *= d;
where  i  is int and  d  is double is evaluated in fixed point, and
wonders why.  The answer: it is a compiler bug.  I fixed it in
(a post V7 version) of the 11 compiler, and it is fixed in the current
System V compiler (by "current" I mean the one I tried;
I don't know what is being shipped at this instant.)

The manual is reasonably clear and unambiguous on the point, but
it's not surprising that people for search for definition problems when
the compilers are unanimously wrong.

		Dennis Ritchie

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