Apple Macs and C? <at Dartmouth>

Tobias D. Robison robison at eosp1.UUCP
Sun Jan 15 16:33:30 AEST 1984

Since it is so much more fun to say "I told you so" in
advance, I want to comment on Dartmouth's gamble again.
Apparently there will soon be lots of a NEW, UNTESTED PRODUCT
(untested by real customers, that is), the McIntosh, on campus
at Dartmouth, for the sucker--excuse me, the students to use.
Apple may pull off a miracle here, but the likely expectation
is for:
	(1) Long delays in delivery, machines not ready when needed.
	(2) A lot of shakedown, hardware for sure and maybe software
	    too, in the first year of widespread use.

I would rather subject my student body to a tried and true technology,
and let someone else try the machines out before I buy them on a large
scale.  Good luck Dartmouth!  You have my sympathy; I'm not sure
I should admire your courage.
				  - Toby Robison
				  or:   allegra!eosp1!robison
				  (maybe: princeton!eosp1!robison)

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