Need C sources for directory manipulation

Theo Pozzy/R. Green cmi at dartvax.UUCP
Fri Jun 1 23:14:51 AEST 1984


Help!  I have unsuccessfully been trying to figure out how to
manipulate directories under UNIX in such a way that the code
will be reasonably compatible with Version 7, System III, System
V, and BSD 4.X.  There are three functions that I have not
been able to figure out:

1)  rename(old,new);  /* renames file "old" to file name "new" */

2)  initdir(), readdir(); /* routines to initialize a directory search
			     and return the next matching file name */

3)  getcurdir();      /* get current directory path name */

If anyone has sources which implement one or more of these functions
(hopefully portable),  could you please send them to me via electronic
mail?  Thanks in advance.

Theo Pozzy
CSNET    cmi at dartmough
USENET   decvax!dartvax!cmi
USMAIL   p.o. box 242, hanover, nh 03755

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