integer sizes again

Richard O'Keefe ok at edai.UUCP
Sun Jun 10 12:47:07 AEST 1984

[This is positively my last message about this.]
I've got a program that was written on a VAX, where int=long=4 bytes.
To make sure that it would run on systems where long=4=char* but
int=2, I carefully went through it changing int to long everywhere
it had to be the same as a pointer size.  (There is no way the
program will run on a 16-bit machine.)

We just got Sargasso C for our Dec-10.  I'm looking forward to
using it.  BUT it defines "long" to be SEVENTY bit integers.
(Stored in 2 36-bit words.)  And a pointer is 18 bits.

My program now starts with typedefs for a variety of integer types.
OUCH.  Viva Pascal!  (Well, parts of Pascal.)

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