[Decus] C compiler for pdp-11 under RSX

Martin Minow minow at decvax.UUCP
Sat Jun 16 14:46:57 AEST 1984

The current version of Decus C (November 1983 "Second Master Release")
fixed a number of bugs and added a few useful features (such as floating-
point and #if).  It is available from Decus as 11-SP-18.  The language
still lacks several post V6 features, such as bitfields, enums, local block
variables, direct initialization of local variables, and macros with
arguments -- though a separate pre-processor is distributed.

Since Decus C makes no pretense of supporting Unix features (or
misfeatures), the "extern" problem currently under discussion is
solved very simply:

	int foo;	/* defined here, may be referenced elsewhere	*/

	extern int foo;	/* defined elsewhere, referenced here		*/

If you write "int foo;" (outside a function) in two files, you will get
a link-editor (Task builder) error.  Programs written using the above
syntax are portable to most other C compilers.

Martin Minow

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