Indian Hill Style Sheet?

Henry Spencer henry at utzoo.UUCP
Sat Jun 2 07:27:30 AEST 1984

Joe Carfagno comments:

   Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, or is irrelevant, but...
   Be careful that the Indian Hill Style Sheet is not considered proprietary
   information !  Rumor has it that someone will/has posted this thing to the
   net.  It may be publicly released info, but if it's the C language style
   sheet I heard of from Bell Labs - Indian Hill,  then watch out.
   It's not that I'm trying to help out my former employer,  but a major
   blunder could be the fall of netnews.  What do they say - loose lips
   sink chips...  Loose lips cause high management to pull network links!
   Blow it enough times and some VP is likely to ban the news.

If such a posting is going to cause problems, then the damage is already
done.  My annotated version of the IH sheet was posted a couple of years
ago.  I don't see how re-posting it is going to make it worse.

Incidentally, the copy of the original document that I have carries
neither a copyright notice nor any indication that it is proprietary.
I have never worked for Bell, have never signed any non-disclosure
agreements with Bell, and did not obtain my copy from either a Bell
site or a Bell employee.  To the best of my knowledge, the path by
which it reached me involved neither illegal nor improper behavior on
the part of anyone.
				Henry Spencer @ U of Toronto Zoology

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