Status of C Standardization

POLARIS at usc-isi.ARPA POLARIS at usc-isi.ARPA
Tue Jun 19 03:57:00 AEST 1984

The X3J11 committee of the CBEMA has issued a draft standard for
the C language (27 Feb 1984).  This proposal addresses much of
what has been discussed on the NET for some time, and
additionally addresses which of these issues are expected to
remain compiler dependant.  The proposed draft standard also
includes library and environment standards--the library standard
being, I understand, that of /usr/group.  I beleive that Larry
Rosler is the chairman of the effort and that copies of the
proposed standards may be soon available from CEBMA.  A friend of
mine, Reggie Creighton is on the committee, and I have read much
of the proposal.  There are very few things which are too
surprising, and the attempt seems to continue not to compromise
the language "esthetic" too severly by including too much, or
causing old code to break.

Mike Seyfrit <polaris @usc-isi>

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