Aztec C Pipes mod - I know it's here somewhere

ir320 at sdccs6.UUCP ir320 at sdccs6.UUCP
Sun Jun 24 08:34:42 AEST 1984

I requested information on the modifications posted recently
concerning Aztec C (both Z80 CP/M and Apple) and it's redirection
capability.  It already has the < and > options but someone came up
with a way (using temporary files) to add the pipe | symbol.  I know
that in the CP/M version there is a file called CROOT.C which contains
the C code for the "shell".  Someone figured how to do this, so can
the person who figured this out please repost this or send mail to me
concerning this.  
	Second, another person posted a modification which could
considerabilly cut the size of code files down provided they don't use
I/O. (For system programming, this is fine.)  However, I was at a loss
on how to use it and what to expect.  Could this be reposted, and a
manual page as well.
Thanks in advance for all of this...

					John Antypas
					UC San Diego

		UUCP:   ...!noscvax!sdcsvax!sdccs6!ix255
		arpanet: sdcsvax!sdccs6!ix255 at Berkeley

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