Book Review (again) - (nf)

mpackard at uok.UUCP mpackard at uok.UUCP
Wed Jun 20 11:18:00 AEST 1984

uok!mpackard    Jun 19 20:18:00 1984

This may be an old and worn out subject, but I read the book "C Program-
mers library" and I thought it was done quite well.  The people who would
not like it would be "decrepit programmers" who have seen it all.
I read it with the attitude of, well lets see what I can learn here...
I believe most replies about the review were centered on one sentence
which seems to bring out deep emotional problems in people (ha) but
the final word is that for a student of programming I eat this kind of
stuff.  (Writers get your wp's out)  uok!mpackard

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