Intermediate Representation Information?

Jon D Loeliger jdl at CS-Mordred
Sat May 26 06:20:38 AEST 1984

I am looking for any information concerning the C Intermediate
Representation for the S. C. Johnson post-processor. Currently
I have my hands on a "The IR of the PCC, as used by the Berkely
Pascal Compiler."  This is rather sketchy and contains some
information of the 'I-think-so-because-I-think-I-figured-it-out'
variety.  It also happens to be a limited distribution, proprietary
information document with information about which nobody around
here knows word one.  Or is willing to *admit* to knowing...

I am trying to develop a compiler for a subset of Ada that produces
C IR code.  I have a lot of the work already done, and need to
know some fine details of the internal workings of the IR.

If anyone knows such information or where I can FIND such information,
I would appreciate hearing from them via mail.

Jon Loeliger			jdl at mordred
Purdue University

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