Block Structure Declarations

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Fri May 25 01:59:31 AEST 1984

According to K&R in "The C Programming Language" Sect 4.8, page 81:

   "Declarations of variables (including initializations)
   may follow the left brace that introduces *ANY* compound
   statement, not just the one that begins a function.
   Variables declared in this way supersede any identically
   named variables in outer blocks..."

Three examples are given. One example not given is:

	double x;
		short x;

Within function "f", occurences of "x" refer to the internal "short"
variable. The compiler will not say a word about this. Lint says
"argument x unused in function f". Since I cannot think of a single
case where one would intentionally do this, I think the compiler
should warn that argument x is being redeclared.

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