Ingres EQUEL/FORMS bug

Marc E. Kenig cbspt002 at abnjh.UUCP
Wed May 30 01:27:14 AEST 1984

Has anyone encountered this bug:

The second form in a succession of screens is being displayed.  The first
field has validation criteria of 1, 2, or 3 defined in vifred. A message is
defined (also in vifred) to prompt the user in case validation fails.
There are no menu choices (activate menuitems) on line 24 of this screen.

In the case that an incorrect value is entered, the validation check trips,
and the validation message is displayed accordingly.

UNFORTUNATELY, when the validation message is erased it is replaced by the
menu choices (activate menuitems) from the PREVIOUS form.

The forms are linked in via addform (they change a lot). The first form
had NO fields,  only trim (it was a top level menu) and was displayed
READ. The second form had >20 fields and was displayed UPDATE.

Any ideas/suggestions (besides "use curses")?

M. Kenig ["Share and enjoy!"]
ATT-IS, S. Plainfield, NJ
uucp: ...!abnjh!cbspt002

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