68000 C compiler enquiry - esp. Tektronix info.

Bob Palin bob at varian.UUCP
Thu May 31 11:21:31 AEST 1984

	I have discovered that my request of last night on 68000 C
	compilers was not accurate.  In fact the problem is with all
	static variables being put into ROM whether initialised or not.
	This happens because the compilers treat uninitialised statics
	as zero initialised.  My example still stands, however, as the
	desired habit of a compiler.  My apologies to anyone who replied
	before I could get this out.

	Bob Palin	zehntel!varian!bob  	(415) 945-2278
	Varian Instruments, 2400 Mitchell Drive, Walnut Creek, Ca 94598

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