return expr and Decus-C: let's stop talking about this

hans at log-hb.UUCP hans at log-hb.UUCP
Sat May 19 09:17:36 AEST 1984

	Terribly sorry, but there were at least 3 spurious
	followups leaving this site a few days ago, on 
	May 17, to be exact, all due to a faulty news-reading program.
	They all consisted of:
	A) A header indicating that it came from me.
	B) The complete body of a message I had just finished reading.
	C) The original signature.
	D) My signature.
	It wasn't me trying to steal other peoples views outright,
	just good old " Manual? Reading? Why?" syndrome....
	Sorry if my incompetence disturbed anyone.
			Hans Albertsson, 
			Box 1001,
			S-14901 Nynashamn,

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