Dave Brownell brownell at harvard.UUCP
Thu May 3 11:14:28 AEST 1984

An interesting side note to the 019 discussion -- in "User Level
Changes to the C Language", published with the System V Transition
Aids, octal digits 8 and 9 are retracted.  Compilers now give warnings,
and treat them as 010 and 011.  "Future releases will make such
usage a fatal error."

This is the only official word I know of from Bell Labs since the 1980
edition of the C Reference manual.  It also includes enumerations,
structure and union assignments, nonunique structure names, complete
structure qualification required, 'void' type, "long x 1;" initializations
are gone, "x=+5" gone (whee), and bug fixes.

There's more implied equality of C and PCC, which is fine from Bell's
point of view but less so for other compiler writers.

Dave Brownell
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