Microsoft C 2.0 update

Todd Ogasawara todd at islenet.UUCP
Fri May 18 15:00:04 AEST 1984

Microsoft (Allison Conn, Product Support) finally responded to my question
about updating Microsoft C 1.04 to version 2.0 (sort of, anyway).  I was told
to either call 206-828-8089 or talk to the vendor I purchased Msoft C from.
The vendor called Microsoft for me and got the run around.  No results.
They will try again on Monday.   The letter gave no other clue about how to
go about to update my compiler.  Among other things, they say "There will be
an update fee for the new version.  As of today (5/4), this has not been
determined, nor are the update procedures in place but hopefully by the time
you receive this letter they will have been finalized."

One other piece of information might interest you; I quote "Contrary to
some of the magazine articles, there is NOT support for the 8087

If I were in the market for an MS-DOS C compiler today, I would definitely
NOT purchase Microsoft C.  From what I have seen, Ci-C86 from Computer
Innovations is a much better product with much better support.  Live
and learn, the hard way, I suppose.

Todd Ogasawara -- University of Hawaii -- Dept. of Psychology
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