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Thu May 31 01:33:00 AEST 1984

uokvax!emjej    May 30 10:33:00 1984

Apologies if this has been gone over before, but I tripped over this yesterday:

strict exegesis (or pilpul, depending on your religion) of K & R indicates that
the strings

		unsigned short
		unsigned char
		unsigned long

do not denote legitimate types in C, yet I see these in various places (some
Berkeley header files, for example). Have these types been blessed somewhere
(like the enum types) without mention? (For that matter, does the C++ (that
name bothers me, BTW: they changed the language but you get back the value
before the change? :->) CTR leave this section of the C Reference Manual

Side note: I sincerely hope that the fellow from Mark of the Unicorn who
wrote an extraordinarily wrong letter to SNot about how we don't need a
standard for C is reading this newsgroup...

						James Jones

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