Numerical C

Donn Seeley donn at sdchema.UUCP
Sun May 6 14:00:42 AEST 1984

For what it's worth...

While Jim McGinness was working here at UCSD Chemistry, he put together
a system of 'sed' scripts which operated on the assembly output of the
PCC and caused C programs written to use exclusively 'double' type to
become programs which used single precision.  Unsatisfied with that, he
tells me he has plans for a compiler that will implement a 'single'
type, which is identical to 'float' except it is not promoted to double
in expressions.  I think a 'single' type would do just what people
want, and fairly simply too.  ('Single' is to 'float' as 'short' is to
'int', of course.)  For compilers without 'single', just typedef
'single' to 'float' or 'double'.

Are you out there Jim?

Donn Seeley    UCSD Chemistry Dept.       ucbvax!sdcsvax!sdchema!donn

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