C compiler info

Bernie Roehl broehl at wateng.UUCP
Tue May 15 22:41:42 AEST 1984

If the Emacs source compiles *only* under Lattice C, then it's probably
not very well written.  There are 22 C compilers out there for the IBM
PC (this is only commercially available compilers, there are lots of
homebrews as well) and Lattice C isn't any closer to the standards of
K & R than some of its strongest competitors.  It therefore would appear
that the Emacs port to the PC was done using Lattice, and that the code
now relies on peculiarities in that compiler.

I have not seen the Emacs source for the PC, so I'm speculating; best to
try and find someone who's attempted a port using some other compiler.

As for my compiler of choice, I will (once again, and doubtless with many
others) voice my support for DeSmet C.  It's small, fast, inexpensive, and
provides many utilities as part of the package (including, in the latest
release, a symbolic debugger).  DeSmet C is sold by:
                       P.O. Box 710097
                       San Jose, Ca.
I have no connection with the company, except as a (very) happy user of
their products.

        -Bernie Roehl    (University of Waterloo)

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