An Equel( Embedded Quel ) problem

Mohan Palat mohan at alberta.UUCP
Fri May 18 07:46:21 AEST 1984

                   An equel problem

 Could someone familiar with EQUEL ( Embedded Quel ) answer the
 following question:
 Consider the following command:
 ## create relname ( dom1 =format { ,dom2 = format })

 In an Equel program, is it possible to define this statement in 
 such a way that a variable number of domains can be specified as
 command line arguments ?
 In other words, the number of domains in a relation is not fixed.
 Is it possible to specify the 'create' command in Equel to
 accomodate such a requirement ? ( The domains are read as command
 line arguments ).
 Thanks in advance.

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