C/80 C Compiler (Unix Compatible Library)

phil at westcsr.UUCP phil at westcsr.UUCP
Tue May 8 04:04:01 AEST 1984

	Regarding the recent comments on the various C compilers available for
CP/M-80, I agree that C/80 is generally good but suffers from an inadequate
library (especially the printf bug). Consequently, some time ago, I started to
write a new one - to be compatible with the standard Unix library. This is now
done with the exception of float related functions (and I'll do that lot in
the summer).

	What I want to know is: Is there sufficient interest in it for me to
re-package and distribute it (for a nominal sum to cover disk, carriage etc.) ?
If anyone is interested could they mail me, if there is enough response I'll
post details on the net of how to get it.

	Here are a few details:

		- needs Z80, CP/M 2.2 and M80/L80
		- approx. ninety functions and system variables
		- printf works properly (with a simple patch to the compiler)
		- limited form of stty
		- proper lseek, set/longjmp and malloc/free
		- command line parser supports >>
		- separate CP/M library to allow direct access to BDOS
		- can alter device drivers at run time

	Now a quick wish-list. Does there exist, or does anybody fancy writing,
an assembler/linker tailored to the C/80 compiler? For instance, with some sort
of optimiser, that would follow the same rules concerning variable names as
C/80, that would be automatically loaded from C/80. Just a thought.

				Phil Thompson

Dept. of Computer Science
Westfield College
Kidderpore Ave.
London NW3 7ST

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