help on application generators

Ahmad Khashan ahmad at cca.UUCP
Sat May 12 05:12:11 AEST 1984

	This is a request for help.  I am looking for an application
	generator that satisfy a resonable subset of the following conditions:
	- Easy to use, yet fairly sophisticated.
	- Provide an interactive recursive( forms within forms) form design
	  facility, allowing variable length fields, tables lists, multiple 
	  fixed regions etc...
	- Can access INGRES.
	- Runs on VAX 11/780 under UNIX.
	- Can call C procedures.	  
	- Form-oriented application definition utility.

	Currently i am evaluating one such package from Relational Technology 
	INC.  Any experiencs with this package or similar ones(pros and cons)
	will be greatly	appriciated.

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