Public Domain LALR(1) grammar for C desired

Arnold Robbins arnold at gatech.UUCP
Wed May 2 05:26:11 AEST 1984

[I will not put a meaningless first line here!]

Does anyone have a *public*domain* LALR(1) grammar for C?  I would like
to try one or two things w/YACC, but I can't go and get the grammar out
of PCC, since it is proprietary, and I think that I will ultimately want
to distribute what I produce.  I have just about reached the limit of what
I can do just on a lexical basis (i.e. using just LEX).

I know about the grammar published in SIGPLAN Notices about a year ago,
but it is not suitable for use w/a parser generator.

Thanks in advance,
Arnold Robbins
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