mckeeman at wivax.UUCP mckeeman at wivax.UUCP
Wed May 2 01:14:55 AEST 1984

Thanks for making my point for me Steve.  This newsgroup
may well be for Talmudic ruminations in which case someone
ought to invite me off.  However, 019=17 is not a property
of VAX C; it is kosher.  According to the scripture,
section 2.4.1, "the digits 8 and 9 have octal value 10 and
11 respectively".  This is at the end of a chain that
starts in section 2.3 where "int and float constants have
already been disposed of,..." which apparently refers to
the material in section 1.2 which, to my most careful
reading never mentions the form of int constants (only the
machine representations of their values).  I did have some
hope that section 18.1 where constant shows up in the
syntax might help; alas it is undefined.  Thus my complaint
about the quality of the definition of C.  Index or no, I
should not have to munge around to find out such details.

/s/ Bill McKeeman

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