Wanted: information about validation suites

Mats Wichmann mats at dual.UUCP
Sun May 20 06:37:09 AEST 1984

I am looking for information about compiler validation suites for the 
following languages, if they exist:

    Fortran (77)
    Pascal (presumably the ISO standard?)
    Basic (yes, I know there's no standard...)

If you have any information, please MAIL to me (my UUCP address is at the end 
of this message). Our application is a UNIX System running System V.

I seem to recall having seen some questions about this before, but can't
recall any responses - if there is interest I will summarize later.
Please forgive the multiple newsgroup posting - too many people I know
don't read net.wanted that I didn't want to trust it just there.

    Thanks muchly,

	    Mats Wichmann
	    Dual Systems Corp.

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