DeSmet C -- NOT a toy

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Thu May 3 10:43:22 AEST 1984

A recent note stated:

>On the C for PC debate: the DeSmet compiler refuses to compile
>functions that exceed a certain size, and it's not that big a size;
>apparently this problem is there to stay, therefore I would classify
>this compiler as  a toy basically. It is cheap.

My experience contradicts this. I am communicating with the originator of
the note; I will see if the version of DeSmet C is older than mine, if
the limitation occurs with my version, etc. I have compiled many large
applications with DeSmet C, without any difficulties. I would insist that
DeSmet C is definitely not a toy, it is a completely useable production
compiler. I am extremely concerned about that posting, inasmuch as accusing
a VERY cheap compiler ($160 with screen editor, library manager,
assembler, symbolic debugger, and handfuls of little junk) of being a
toy could destroy the company.

More to follow.

					Bennett Todd

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