Breaking out of several nested loops

jim at ISM780B.UUCP jim at ISM780B.UUCP
Sun Nov 4 03:27:10 AEST 1984

>While I thought the referenced article was pretty good all-in-all,
>the "managers, students, and other children" flame was low.

It was "managers, students and other children, ..." (note the commas)
which is quite different.  If you aren't a child, or a manager who is
technically uneducated, then this doesn't apply to you, so why get upset?
My point was that there _a_r_e many people on the net who are very inexperienced
and/or uneducated and they would do well to temper their opinion of their
own opinions, and do some reading in the subject.  I was not stating any
opinion about the value of structured programming or of structured constructs
per se (in fact I regard them highly); rather, I was talking about them in the
context of the C standardization effort specifically, and in the context of
sweeping generalizations made about stuctured programming by _s_o_m_e on the net.

-- Jim Balter, INTERACTIVE Systems (ima!jim)

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